We are looking for any information on the history of this squadron. If anyone knows where these records are being kept, please contact us. If you have any old flight records, mission histories, crew orders, awards packages, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pictures etc of the squadron's past history, please send us copies so we can reconstruct past squadron events.

August 31, 1982 - In Memory, 'Lest we forget'

March 24, 1992 - The Last Hurrah 41st Military Airlift Squadron (Toujours Pret) stands down and is replaced by the 14th Airlift Squadron.

Brief History of the 41st Transport Squadron - 1942 to 1956

Best in MAC Nomination Package - 1990

First new C-121C delivered to 41st ATS at KCHS in 1955

History of C-121C tail number 54-156, assigned to the 1608th ATW and the 41st ATS and 76th ATS.

ATS Patch

41st Air Transport Squadron Converted to C-130E as the 41 ATS/1608 ATW in 1963 at Charleston AFB, SC. In February of 1967 they converted to the C-141A under the 437 MAW.


72 Competition Patch

1972 Combat Airlift Competition Welcome to California Letter from Governor Ronald Reagan





Good Show - Capt David and Crew
Crew photo of a C-130 crew that experienced a loss of one of the wing stored life rafts at FL330 back in 1963.   The crew was written up in the MAC FLYER magazine in January 1964.  Captain Dick Davis was the AC and Dave Edkins was one of the navigators on the crew.