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This page is dedicated to our friends who have passed on.
May God's light forever shine upon them.

by Henry Van Dyke

In the blue heaven the clouds will come and go,
Scudding before the gale, or drifting slow
As galleons becalmed in Sundown Bay:
And through the air the birds will wing their way
Soaring to far-off heights, or flapping low,
Or darting like an arrow from the bow;
And when the twilight comes the stars will show,
One after one, their tranquil bright array 
In the blue heaven.

But ye who fearless flew to meet the foe,
Eagles of freedom,-nevermore, we know,
Shall we behold you floating far away.
Yet clouds and birds and every starry ray
Will draw our heart to where your spirits glow
In the blue Heaven.

For the American Aviators who died in the war.
March, 1919.

We wish to express our deepest sympathies for the personal losses suffered by friends, families and the entire United States of America during the events in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania.

May we all look for strength in our faith and fellow man, find the wisdom in our hearts to forgive and courageously live our lives from this day forward with a sacred respect for each other.

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